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Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Chambers County Library System combined forces in 1996 as a county-wide organization. Prior to that time, groups supportive of the individual libraries in Chambers County have operated, usually becoming active when an issue of concern was raised in the local area.

The Friends are an organization independent of the county government. They have three main missions: to promote grassroots support of the county libraries through lobbying efforts; to serve as a venue for monetary donations and fund raising for the library system; and to coordinate volunteer efforts for the libraries under the Friends banner.

Currently, the Friends of CCLS number over 275 general members, with another two dozen Small Business and Corporate members. The Friends have always been the major underwriters for children's programming in the libraries, providing funds for craft supplies, refreshments, and entertainers, bookmarks, posters, and reading incentives.

In the past few years, the Friends have raised funds through dues, donations from non-members, and through activities such as their popular book sales. They have hosted receptions, like the opening of the new Winnie library and the re-opening of the Mont Belvieu library. They publish a mid-year newsletter.

Items purchased for the libraries in past years have included overhead projectors, screens, a rug for the children's area at Mont Belvieu, children's furniture, computer desks, and puppets to help start a "Storyhour" collection to be loaned to early-childhood educators and day care centers locally. They have purchased fax machines, video players, and art. Their efforts supplement the county budget, providing a large array of services and goods that cannot be funded otherwise.

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